Native Android, Redux, Firebase Auth & Database, and Material Design

Redux and React are things that are normally associated with web development. Redux is a beautiful design pattern that can help with any application, even native ones! I used Firebase in order to do cross platform data synchronization across web and mobile clients. I also used Firebase auth and Material Design to craft a real-world app. The code for this tutorial is in GitHub.

Android Event Dispatch Thread or Main Thread – Tutorial

Android applications run in a native Linux process, in the underlying Linux OS. This process houses activities (screens), widgets, and services (non visual long running application parts). When working with Android apps, it is important to remember to keep long running code running in threads that are not tied to the main thread or event dispatch thread, in order to get an “application not responding” error. A common mistake that is made is long running tasks are performed in this EDT/main thread, and this leads to lots of application failures.

Using JSON for mobile object exchange – Tutorial

I’ve been working with various object encoding schemes to get information transferred over the network between services and mobile apps running on Android and BlackBerry. On Android, I figured I would try using Java object serialization, and that works some of the time, and not for anything complex. I wish the object serialization and deserialization mechanism in GWT would be ported over to all these mobile environments, but I digress. This tutorial outlines the use of JSON for this purpose.