Native Android, Redux, Firebase Auth & Database, and Material Design

Redux and React are things that are normally associated with web development. Redux is a beautiful design pattern that can help with any application, even native ones! I used Firebase in order to do cross platform data synchronization across web and mobile clients. I also used Firebase auth and Material Design to craft a real-world app. The code for this tutorial is in GitHub.

Android activity, service, widget lifecycle state management – Tutorial

When creating android applications, that are not trivial, it is important to keep in mind that android activities, widgets, and services have somewhat autonomous lifecycles that are controlled by the operating system itself. This is profound impacts on how you have to think about applications, since there will no longer something unified, but rather are a lot of different parts that are being orchestrated somewhat randomly. For example, applications process can be terminated anytime, or its activities can be terminated, or its services can be restarted. If you do not plan for such diversity in lifecycle states when building each widget service or activity, you will have a really tough time syncing them all up in the final application.