Task API (2 of 5) – Task API in-depth

More details on the Task API introduced in the first Task API tutorial. SampleApp from the first tutorial is dissected under a microscope along with the API itself. Also contains information on which external libraries are optional and which are required.

Task API (1 of 5) – Quick Start Guide

Introducing the Task API. Easy to use background task API for Swing. Android and JavaME implementation coming soon. Easily create tasks and monitor their progress and cancel them at any time. Easily manage multiple tasks. Create network aware tasks and recurring tasks, and much much more! The API is open source (Apache 2.0 license). Enjoy!!!

SwingX Tutorial – Busy Label (JXBusyLabel)

This tutorial will show you how to use SwingX's JXBusyLabel component to display an indeterminate progress indicator. It will also show you advanced configuration options that allow you to create different and interesting indeterminate progress indicators using the BusyPainter.

How to use the AnimatedTransition API (SwingX and Timingframework)

I needed to perform animations in the app that I'm building (http://screamingtoaster.com). I needed to build animations that show a transition from one screen to another. This is slightly different than creating custom, or modified components which perform a function and have a set of graphical effects. I needed animations that would transition my user interface from one "screen" to the next. The screens themselves could be panels or components (part of the whole app, or the entire app itself). While I'd been writing much of this code myself, to do these animations, it just got really tedious and frustrating to add this level of complexity to my code, when all I needed were some simple animations. I've been using the SwingX API and the TimingFramework API to perform the animations and leverage the components, however, this last piece was missing. And this last piece just got delivered by Chet Haase, as a part of the binary deliverables with his (and Romain Guy's) great book - Filthy Rich Clients.