How to use glass pane for animation (SwingX and Timingframework)

I needed to perform animations in the app that I'm building ( I needed to build animations that move various components around on the screen, and other animations that pop up components on top of existing components, etc. After creating a few of these effects, I realized that I was doing the same thing over and over again, which is why I decided to write this tutorial to encapsulate this pattern, in the hopes that I will help others doing the same thing.

Creating multi-threaded Swing apps that consume web services

If you've ever want to incorporate web services into your graphical applications/applets/widgets written in Java, then there are some threading issues that you have to be mindful of, and design around. This tutorial will guide you though some of the important threading issues you have to keep in mind when building such applications. The strategies outlined in this tutorial apply to accessing more than just web services from Swing apps; it also applies to loading information from databases, and performing any other kind of time consuming process that has to happen in the desktop app and interact with it, but can't make the user interface unresponsive.