About Me

Hi, I’m Nazmul


I am a Googler, entrepreneur, leader, coder, designer, dancer, TaiChi’er, Yogi, racer, healer, storyteller. I’m about authenticity and empowerment. Life is short and I’m doing what matters to me.

My story

I am a veteran technologist with over 20 years of leadership, development, design, and product management experience. As a multifaceted engineer, designer, and communicator, I’ve have focused on creating, designing, building, and collaborating with people to bring amazing user experiences to life across multiple platforms.

I’ve brought products to life from a glimmer of a vision, to a team building it, to having customers, and eventually seeing the product come to an end. I’ve worked as part of large and small teams making impossible things possible.

I’ve led the creation of developer narratives and scaled them out at Google IO, creating the first design workshops for developers at IO13 & IO14. I’ve founded and presented at the Design for Humans (in real life) meetup, online communities on G+. I’ve created the UX Design for Mobile class on Udacity, and my UX Design show on YouTube. I also run and create content for a very prominent developer tutorial site called developerlife.com (which was established in 1998).

Leadership and Resourcefulness

  • Was founder and CEO of TRNQL Inc, a startup to build SDKs for iOS and Android in 2014
  • Raised $1.5M of VC funding
  • Recruited and managed team of 6 people
  • Created and shipped SDKs that collects valuable signals from Android and iOS devices that fed ML to better understand human behavior
  • Founded R3BL startup that is an incubator for apps and services that address human needs.


  • Created developerlife.com tutorials on Android, React, Redux, and React Native, that has been around since ‘98 and has over 10M pageviews.
  • Created & ran UX Design experiential workshops for developers at Google IO13 and IO14 hosting over 2k attendees – bit.ly/2o3oAni.
  • Founded and grew Design for Humans meetup group to 2k members for UX design. I’ve presented at over 34 meetups, and over 4k developer & designer attendees – bit.ly/uxdmeetup.

Product Design

Software Engineering


  • Full stack developer with experience in cloud, mobile, and web technologies, such as Java, Kotlin, Android, JavaScript, React Native, React, Redux, Firebase, NoSQL databases, CMS systems, payments & licensing & subscriptions systems, enterprise backend systems (ETL, Data transformations, app servers, etc).

Mobile app development toolkits & infrastructure

  • Created Android app development container and SDK (built on top of Android framework to expose contextual awareness to any app for TRNQL)
  • Created BlackBerry app development container (with custom UI toolkits, animation libraries, networking, and app lifecycle management).
  • Created Java desktop app development containers (with custom UI toolkits, animation libraries, networking, and app lifecycle management) for Rich Internet Applications.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • I created a cross platform PaaS service in Java, built on top of Tomcat, similar to Google App Engine that powered all the BlackBerry apps (from 2006 to 2011) and then became the server backend for TRNQL SDK offering (from 2015-2016).
  • Created DSLs to declaratively generate persistence, networking, data models, and data binding. Created source code generators to take DSLs and generate code in Java for server, Android, and BlackBerry, and even JavaScript for web.
  • This server supported web, iOS, Android, BlackBerry clients.
  • It also supported payments integration and issuing app licenses and managing app subscriptions.

Cross platform development toolkits & infrastructure

  • Created Web app development containers to integrate seamlessly with cloud infrastructure and a multitude of mobile clients (Android, BlackBerry, iOS) from 2009 to 2011.

Android apps

  • I published 2 Android apps to the Play Store.
  • ExtraTKT in 2009.
  • TRNQL interplay in 2015.

BlackBerry Apps

  • I was a finalist twice in the Global BlackBerry DevCon 2009 and 2010 for best app in the world (Wicked blogging app, and RainOrShine weather app).
  • I published 4 apps that were used by 100’s of thousands of users globally from 2006 to 2011
  • Wicked blogging app for BlackBerry
  • MyListy list app for BlackBerry and Web
  • DulyNoted note taking app for BlackBerry and Web
  • RainOrShine weather app for BlackBerry (was top 5 weather apps in BlackBerry App World for a while) and was featured in the App World.

Middleware infrastructure for mobile

  • Created underlying technology to enable servers to integrate with multiple client platforms using low level sockets communications, custom binary data transmission protocols, complete custom app servers, and even custom mobile app UI markup languages from 1999 to 2004.
  • Created high performance application data network infrastructure to deliver push updates from server to client, and a whole host of other innovations (see patent).

Patents and books

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About developerlife.com

I started developerlife.com in Nov 1998 when I couldn’t find a decent tutorial on XML and Java to build web based apps, so I decided to write one myself, and this site was born. It served up its first tutorial on on 31 Dec 1998. Like Alan Kay said: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”.

It grew to become a trusted resource to professional programmers, college students, universities, research institutions, standards bodies, online magazines, and even enterprise software vendors.

Since then technologies have come and gone, and I have created tutorials on many varied topics. The goal of the content is in service of the creation of technology that adapts to the needs of humans.

You can see how this site has evolved since the beginning in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

GitHub links for the site