About Me

Hi, I’m Nazmul

nazmulI am an ex-Googler, entrepreneur, leader, coder, designer, dancer, TaiChi’er, Yogi, racer, healer, storyteller. I’m about authenticity and empowerment. Life is short and I’m doing what matters to me.

I can be of most service in roles that involve the intersection of leadership, communication, technology, and design. Given that I’m a full stack developer, this is a point of differentiation for me.

If you’d like to discuss a speaking engagement or hiring me as a consultant, please contact me here.

About this site

I started developerlife.com in Nov 1998 when I couldn’t find a decent tutorial on XML and Java to build web based apps, so I decided to write one myself, and this site was born. It served up its first tutorial on on 31 Dec 1998. Like Alan Kay said: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”.

It grew to become a trusted resource to professional programmers, college students, universities, research institutions, standards bodies, online magazines, and even enterprise software vendors.

Since then technologies have come and gone, and I have created tutorials on many varied topics. The goal of the content is in service of the creation of technology that adapts to the needs of humans.

Here are the GitHub pages for this site

I’ve created a few things over the years

DEVELOPMENT – To share real-world coding knowledge on bleeding edge technology with developers:

COMMUNICATION – To create community and connection in real life for developers, designers, and PMs:

  • Created & ran UX Design experiential workshops for developers at Google IO13 and IO14 hosting over 2k attendees – bit.ly/2o3oAni.
  • Founded and grew Design for Humans meetup group to 2k members for UX design.
  • I’ve hosted over 34 meetups, and over 4k developer & designer attendees – bit.ly/uxdmeetup.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP & LEADERSHIP – To innovate in products that are designed and built for humans:

  • Founded trnql, a startup to build SDKs for iOS and Android.
  • Raised 1.5M.
  • Created and shipped SDKs that collects valuable signals from Android and iOS devices that fed ML to better understand human behavior.
  • Founded R3BL startup that is a incubator for apps and services that are meant to address human needs.

DESIGN – To teach good UX design principles and applied techniques, I’ve created:

  • UX Design for Developers YouTube show for Google Android with over 200k views – bit.ly/uxdplaylist.
  • Udacity class on UX Design for Mobile reaching over 200k people online – bit.ly/uxdclass.
  • G+ UX design community 8k designers & developers – bit.ly/uxdcommunity.

PUBLISH – I’ve published things as well:

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