Text user interface content

    • Create a simple DSL for CSS like syntax for TUIs

      Procedural macros are a way for you to extend the Rust compiler and provide plugins that you can use to extend the language. They allow to create your own DSL (domain specific language). This article goes into the details of creating a simple DSL to mimic CSS syntax but in Rust, for a TUI app framework.
    • Write a Redux library in Rust

      This article illustrates how we can build a Redux library in Rust. This library is thread safe and asynchronous (using Tokio). The middleware and subscribers will be run in parallel. But the reducer functions will be run in sequence.
    • Write code using async/await in Rust

      This article illustrates how to write concurrent and parallel code in Rust using Tokio. The pedagogical example we will use is building an asynchronous implementation of a middleware runner that you might find in a Redux store.

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