By Nazmul Idris

I started on Nov 1998 in Blacksburg, VA, when I couldn’t find a decent tutorial on XML and Java to build web based apps, so I decided to write one myself, and this site was born. It served up its first tutorial on on 31 Dec 1998 with the following announcement to the mailing list.

XML and Java2 Tutorial
From Thu Dec 31 18:42:00 1998
Date:    Thu, 31 Dec 1998 19:34:03 -0500
From:    Nazmul Idris <>
Subject: xlxp-dev: XML and Java2 Tutorial

Dear fellow Java and XML Developers:

I could not find a decent resource on the web which showed me
how to use XML and Java to build web and Internet based
applications. So I decided to write one myself :).

Check it out at:

It shows you how to use:
    1) the IBM parser (IBM XML Parser for Java)
    2) the Sun parser (Sun ProjectX EA2)
    3) the DOM (org.w3c.dom.*) interfaces
    4) JFC/Swing with XML
    5) Servlets with XML
    6) and much, much more!

Have a Happy New Year!!!
Nazmul Idris

Like Alan Kay said: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Over the years it grew to become a trusted resource to professional programmers, college students, universities, research institutions, standards bodies, online magazines, and even enterprise software vendors.

Since 1998 technologies have come and gone, I’ve moved from Blacksburg, VA to Mountain View, CA, and I have created tutorials on many varied topics. What hasn’t changed is the goal of the content, which is in service of the creation of technology that adapts to the needs of all living things.

You can see how this site has evolved since the beginning in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.