Meta programming, code generation, domain specific language content

    • Guide to Rust procedural macros

      Procedural macros are a way for you to extend the Rust complier and provide plugins that you can use to extend the language. They allow you to reduce the need to write manual boilerplate code, and even allow you to create your own DSL (domain specific language). This article goes into the details of creating the 3 kinds of procedural macros in Rust.
    • Advanced guide to creating IntelliJ IDEA plugins

      Advanced guide to creating JetBrains Platform plugins: VFS, PSI, Kotlin UI DSL, Dialog, Tool window, List, Swing UI and layout managers, ConsoleView, LineMarker. This is a companion of the Introduction to creating IntelliJ IDEA plugins tutorial.
    • Annotation Processing in Kotlin and Android

      Introduction to Kotlin Annotation Processing on Android and how to create a static index of generated classes and interfaces (without using reflection or classgraphs)
    • Kotlin DSL Introduction

      This tutorial is an introduction to Kotlin internal DSLs using examples

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